Approved Partners

The following organisations are licensed to deliver the 6P Green Program:



Green Business Audit & Training

Green Tree Frog Consulting

NFP Accounting Specialists

Priority Group Australia

Sustainability Forever



Sustainable Directions



Hansen Environmental Services



Arcadian Energy



Enviro Footprint



Are you interested in becoming an Approved Partner?

We are encouraging enquiries from individuals or groups who are passionate about helping their clients reduce their carbon footprint and manage their energy costs.

This opportunity is suited to individual advisors or small groups of consultants who already have a solid network of existing business clients.

A 6P Green Program licence will allow business advisors to add Business Sustainability services to their list of services and join the fast growing green business sector. The 6P Green Program could be a valuable opportunity for:


* Business consultants,

* Small Business advisors

* Accountants,

* Environmental or Sustainability Consultants

* Business coaches

* OH&S Consultants


If you are interested in becoming a 6P Green Pogram Approved Partner contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.




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