Program Benefits

Completion of the program will help you....

1. Reduce your Power Bills

By monitoring, managing and reducing your green house gas emissions from electricity usage, you will minimise your energy bills. In our experience, electricity reductions of approximately 10% per annum can be achieved if our recommended energy saving initiatives are put in place.

2. Gain a Green Edge

Completion of the 6P Green Program will help improve your "brand" and company reputation. It will give you a green edge over your competitors and will demonstrate to your customers, employees, suppliers and general public that you are a responsible organisation.

3. Manage your Carbon Footprint

Measuring your Carbon Footprint will highlight the main areas of carbon emission from your business activities. This will then provide you with valuable information on the areas that you need to focus on in order to reduce your impact on the environment with the ultimate aim of becoming carbon neutral.

4. Win supply tenders

The majority of Government tenders and major construction projects now include a requirement for successful bidders to have an Environmental Management Plan in place. Many large corporate organisations also have a similar expectation of suppliers. This is particularly the case with large organisations that are "greening" their supply chain.

5. Create Environmental Policies & Procedures

After completing the 6P Green Program you will have a suite of environmental policies and procedures that are ISO 14001 compliant. The policies and procedures can be further tailored to your organisation and will provide a reference framework to ensure that sustainable practices are embedded across the organisation consistently.

6. Tap into the Green Consumer Market

The 6P Green Program provides advice on how you can introduce new green products and services as well as how you can green existing products and services. This will make your products and services more appealing to the rapidly growing market of "green consumers". Previously green consumers were a small passionate and well intentioned market segment however environmental considerations now play a bigger role in the purchasing decision of mainstream consumers.




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